Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Diana Lin Design LLC :: AW design : recycle, reuse and reSEAT -- creative home furnishing

Diana Lin Design LLC :: AW design : recycle, reuse and reSEAT -- creative home furnishing

Anne Wolkowisky

Anne Wolkowisky takes everyday unwanted objects and turns them into beautiful designs. She's a work at home mom, a housewife but even more she is a passionate designer that recycle and reuse.

Anne reuses unwanted packaging peanuts and with some beautiful fabric and sewing work, she turns trash into beautiful reSeats.

All products Anne designs are made by hand, so each has its own personality and none are exactly alike.

reSeat Leopard, soft stool with reused packing peanuts

reSeat Mini, soft stool seating made with resued packing peanuts

reSeat Floral, soft stool with resued peanutsreSeat Modern  : soft stool seating made with reused packing peanuts

Thursday, December 30, 2010


We came across this interesting little lighting concept recently on Design Spotter. It is "the system of lamps, inspired by dumbbell, realised in polypropylene or soft touch plastic." This Dumbbell lamp is designed by Samal design France.

So what do we think about these dumbbell lamps? Since it's still a lighting concept and there are not much information about how these things work, yet. However, it does seem like a good idea if we can take each dumbbell as a flash light (assuming these are battery operated) and then hook up a bunch together to really light up a space.

Seems like it would be a fantastic idea if as we hook these dumbbell lamps on the chains, they also start charging the batteries. Could this really be a great lighting product? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Diana Lin Design LLC

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

let's start from here....

"i don't care where we go"
it's lyric from a song... i don't care where i go

i don't care

isn't it always better to not care
like living on clouds... not a worry in the world
無所謂 誰可以真的作到?

let's start from here
我可以 不要想太多明天
where ever it is... it is

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


the differences between me and the rest...
i have tried.. i even stayed strong. tried to smile as i talked to them
but what i see facing me is also a fake smile
a face smiling back at me. almost twitching... it's not a real smile. real smiles don't twitch

how to communicate when the two minds are so different?
i can't get through...
and maybe that's how they feel too..
-----\\\\"we can't get through to her" is what they would say.

what should i do now?
nothing i do seem to please them... and everything i do is wrong
how can i make it right? i just want everything and everyone to be okay...

how do i communicate the difference?
how do i make the difference go away....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Silvia e Marco Wedding

me looking tired... gotten very sick from the ferry ride..

Angel and Mike were in the middle of a coversation?

The weather was suprisingly nice. too hot in fact. but a beautiful day for an island wedding.
they provided us with straw hats and fans... too bad we lost our straw hats somewhere during the wedding reception.
at least i have the pictures..
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

planning EURO trip!!!!

Arrive Naple on September 12th 2008.

9/13/08 - wedding

9/14/08 - we can relax and hang out on the coast of positano (beautiful beautiful place)

9/15-9/16 - then we move up to florence

9/16-9/17 - milan

9/18 - fly to eindhoven

perhaps hang out in holland for awhile, depending on what mike needs to do as far as work etc.

then get a car and drive through belgium, to france, around to germany and back to eindhoven.....?

Friday, June 13, 2008

昨天晚上的夢 一半是黑白的
夢裡面的我很害怕 好像我的世界就快要變灰色
但在視線的邊緣 還是有微弱的色彩

他們說 有creativity 的人才會有彩色的夢