Tuesday, December 30, 2008

let's start from here....

"i don't care where we go"
it's lyric from a song... i don't care where i go

i don't care

isn't it always better to not care
like living on clouds... not a worry in the world
無所謂 誰可以真的作到?

let's start from here
我可以 不要想太多明天
where ever it is... it is

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


the differences between me and the rest...
i have tried.. i even stayed strong. tried to smile as i talked to them
but what i see facing me is also a fake smile
a face smiling back at me. almost twitching... it's not a real smile. real smiles don't twitch

how to communicate when the two minds are so different?
i can't get through...
and maybe that's how they feel too..
-----\\\\"we can't get through to her" is what they would say.

what should i do now?
nothing i do seem to please them... and everything i do is wrong
how can i make it right? i just want everything and everyone to be okay...

how do i communicate the difference?
how do i make the difference go away....