Thursday, August 31, 2006

The sweetest ~~~

In the late afternoon, we were having a little white and relaxing when I noticed a bird flew into the window of our house!!! It was hurt, but still breathing. However, it was laying on the ground and couldn't get up. I can see it was struggling, breathing really hard. It was trying so hard to keep its eyes open, trying to survive.

This is not all. Another bird was standing by it. It must have been the injured bird's partner. The partner stood close to it, however still leaving some room. It was very peaceful, just sitting there and waiting by the injured bird's side. It is like no matter what happens, this bird is not going to leave its partner! SOooooooooo sweet!!! Very sad to watch, it brought tears to my eyes...

After more than an hour of waiting.. and struggling.. and waiting... The injured bird stood up. It wasn't doing much just yet, but it was able to stand up!! ^_^ The other bird started to wiggle its head, making lots of movements. I think the healthy bird was trying to encourage the injured one to try moving. When we saw the bird standing, we were all very happy, but still worried. Will it be able to fly again?

Surely... after a few more minuets... maybe about 15 or 20 minuets. The healthy bird flies away leaving the injured bird on the ground. The injured bird looked around and soon followed the healthy bird. IT WAS OKAY!!!

What a couple!!!
I sure hope when I'm sick and down on the ground... someone will be there waiting... just waiting for me to be well.....

....makes me wanna cry...

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